Be Happy Don’t Worry

The Bach Flower Remedy Gentian

Key Words

Trust and faith; message from Gentian, “I trust my inner self”


Doubt, depression, discouragement, pessimism, Thinks always negative, sad look always, sorrowful, total dissatisfaction, grudging starting the work, great doubters.


  • Do you think you have to grasp everything by intellect alone? By rational analysis? You do analysis over and question any time? So that your view is always negative? Is a negative view of an issue is a ‘must’ for you?
  • You expect failure in anything. How badly things are going for me?
  • I don’t feel comfortable unless I have something to worry about.
  • When you have no option, Gorse gives you hope and opens another door.
  • Even I need plenty of positive feedback and encouragement from all dying difficulties.
  • Gentian harbors doubt about healing. He harbors negative thoughts in positive situation.  He is never happy in any situation.
  • Whenever there is failure he blames himself unlucky.
  • When something is not happening according to our choice.
  • Temporary regression that occurs in a project or healing.
  • “No heat sensation” the Gentian Reiki channel would say.  After the treatment, if the patient comes and says “I feel quieter in mind, I wonder it may be wishful thinking.”
  • The Doctor would have cured many, but in my case he may not.
  • Death of a Husband/ Wife, continued unemployment, children of Divorced parents, old people in old age home – all these states require Gentian.
  • For children who have become upset over minor setbacks, and not willing to go back to school – Gentian.
  • Stagnation in anything (when there is no water in the well etc.)
  • Sudden regression of disease.


  • Gentian will make you know there are solutions for all the problems.
  • Problem is turned into opportunities with Gentian.
  • Gentian + Hornbeam – for stagnation.
  • Gentian + Hornbeam + Wild Rose – for long stagnation of anything.
  • Gentian + Chicory + Mustard – to stop unwanted, unnecessary expenditure (Keep in the hand bag)
GENTIAN Whenever anything goes wrong, I am discouraged and easily upset
GENTIAN I am pessimistic – I always have negative thoughts
GENTIAN I become sad and depressed even for petty reasons
GENTIAN There is always an aura of sadness around me
GENTIAN I am depressed and getting older in mind
GENTIAN I feel I have lost happiness
GENTIAN I feel that nobody is of any use to me
GENTIAN I feel sad that nothing works for me
GENTIAN I am not happy, God wants me to be sad; in sorrow
GENTIAN I am pessimistic – I am easily discouraged and depressed when anything goes wrong
GENTIAN Is your earlier failure the cause of your lack of confidence?
GENTIAN Any failure upsets him very much
MIMULUS, GENTIAN He has become moody and irritable
GENTIAN I expect and anticipate failures only – i.e., I am depressed and discouraged
GENTIAN I now have a feeling that whatever I undertake, will go wrong
GENTIAN I feel that I should not have been born

Story from the past

Mullah cried one day saying that his grandfather died, leaving behind a property worth ten lakhs.

When asked why he is crying, he said that he had lost both his uncles leaving behind some more property worth lakhs of rupees.

When asked why he was still unhappy and crying, he said that there is no one else left in his family to die and leave behind property for him.

That was a Gentian person in action – never happy in life.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Yesterday morning don’t worry be happy was the first song that popped up and it is one of my favorite, all day the song was in my head and I was humming it. 🙂 As I have been under a “nothing matters” (what is the use? and feeling futile) cloud, I ‘self medicated’ gentian, hornbeam, wildrose and happy today to read that it was correct. I also love the mulla stories!! 😀

  2. Dear Sir,
    Just wanted to express my deep gratitude for your profound generosity, as well as share how beautiful the effects of ‘Lalitham Subramanyam Lalitham Kumaaram Lalitham Shanmugam’. A few days ago I got the feeling inside me that this mantra is what I need to help me feel more content, so I started to chant It over water and drink it. As suggested by you I chanted at least 100 time or more.
    For the first time in my life, ( I am 44 years old), I get the feeling that I will be ok, and nothing to worry about. God is looking after me.
    With my most profound gratitude and blessings

  3. I read your article about gentian Actually I am the same kind of unlucky person. So I wanted to use it on my wedding day. From the morning I chanted gentian and honey suckle.
    • First thing in the morning my son dint cry much to go to school that day.
    • After his schooling we went to temple with the fear it may be closed. But I was surprised to see it was open and we saw “uchi kala pooja”. Then we went for the lunch in a very good hotel. Usually when we go for lunch my situation will be
    2. I will never get a dish which I order.
    3.My son will never eat nor leave me to eat peacefully.
    But what happened that day was we chose a buffet.. next it was a hotel with metro train interiors where my son could enjoy a lot and ate too..
    • Usually I regret any kind of purchase I make. This time my husband wanted to gift me a watch. When we went to the store, I dint find anything satisfied, when suddenly my husband pointed a beautiful one, but out of budget. But he happily got it for me..
    • Then at night we went for a movie(since my son was born, first time we went to theatre after 3years).I was scared as to how to handle my nagging son and luckily we got corner seat and my son was enjoying walking up and down while we enjoyed the movie.
    On the whole that day was a total surprise to me..really the most pleasant day. Thanks for all your help sir. Thank you..

  4. Dear Sir,

    By divine grace and your prayers and healing remedies my daughter is not getting high grade fever now as before . its controlled to 101 deg. We are using immunity and throat pills sent by shobhana madam , kindly suggest me some remedy for her constipation problem , she is got hard stool problem and she is not comfortable while going motion and it stinks so badly that she herself feels like vomiting irregular timing. any mantra to chant and remedy that she is happily emptying her bowl every morning . she is going to school now.

    Sir can do reiki to her hara and small intestines or how ? iam not able to understand how to heal her. right now i am doing whole body healing holding her photo.

    Please help my child , she is 4 yrs , u met her sir, and she does only one mudra thumb with ring and little finger. she does not want to do chin mudra why? Kindly suggest sir

  5. when ever i sit to do mudra’s before sleeping, she too sits with me but does only Thumb with little and ring finger. If i request her to do chin mudra also she says no and leaves so i stopped interfering in her meditation techniques . she sings with me namshivayam 5 times rythem with or without CD, Durga maa also she sings along with the CD if she is awake by then as i play it by 5.30 am. I can see the changes in her (Touch wood). she listens to be, obeys me when i request her and is completing her homework soon, i allow her to watch cartoon only for 45 mts and she is okay with it. thankyou , its all because of your remedies and your blessing . i am happy with her. I did the accepting exercise for her.
    But one doubt why is she not doing chin mudra? any reason sir. sir when ever i try to heal her solar plexes and hara she pulls my hand tight to her body strongly , do i need to give more time to her these chakra’s.

    Sir , I am also using harmony pack sent by shobana madam, i can see the difference , my husband who use to get irritated for helping me in my daughters dressing for school is doing help without me asking or requesting. the left out harmony water i am pouring to tulasi plant as we dont have any other plant .and i can see the plant healthy and growing tall and fresh.

    Really sir , you have help me solve so many issues in my life , kindly help me with my father and sisters issue which i have mailed you personally. I am using card 47 and 50 for healing relationships. Life is filled with mantra’s and mudra’s for me day in and out. and day and night. A new way of living life to the fullest and making our next generation healthy and happy.

    Thank you to you and shobhana madam, thank you so much sir , immediate response for emergency sms. and you such noble help . i am really blessed to be a part of reiki and your world sir. its our world .

    Great thankyou sir , On the event of gurupoornima coming near , kindly suggest what the best chanting we can do for serving our guru’s.

  6. so soothing to read feedback given by sree esp. the last few lines on changes in life and the healing love always. “guru guhan kodi kodi lavanyam” mantra CD is a precious gem.

  7. Sir I have been trying very hard to ask a question on the site but for some reason my post is not coming up. After a long time of no work I finally have one client. Should I take Coral + Yellow sapphire to increase my client base and expand my practise or just Yellow Sapphire.
    Thank you

  8. help
    what is the business you want to expand?
    if it is about house or land add coral.
    if it is about auditing add emerald with yellow sapphire.

  9. Dear Naran sir,

    I am allergic to some of the alopathy medicine ,last week due to tooth cavity i went to dr, she gave me antibiotic . I took it at 10pm and by 12.30 i started bad itching and sever burning sensation in my whole body eye,head, fingers everywhere. My husband took me to hospital and they gave me avil Iv injection and i was to normal after 3am . but this 3 hrs of suffering was hell sir. I was feeling as if my nerves will crack and break. itching .pulse fell to 60 BP fell low. how can i heal this . normally when any medicine reacts it happens within 30mts and i get rash. but this time it was horrible. kindly suggest some mantra to chant when i am taking medicine so that it suits my body.

    Please sir , kindly suggest .

  10. Sir, all the negativity you have described above I too have them and want to come out of them. Is chanting GENTIAN is enough or should the flowers need to be bought? I also read how numbers and mustard help children to learn well and excel in exams. I regret that when I was struggling with my studies this kind of services were not there. If there were today I would be a different person but better late than never. Still I can become a changed person.Thank you very much for all your information that helps people to come out of their problems.

  11. Want a session on urgently

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