The Cleanser

The Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple

Key words

The cleanser, over-emphasis on trivial details, always thinks about cleanliness, frequent washing of hands


  • He wants to get rid of anything unclean
  • Obsessive cleanliness, always washing hands
  • Crab Apple thinks and worries about trivialities
  • He always talks about infection
  • Crab Apple opens the mind to initiate change, so that self-acceptance will be there.
  • “Sex is dirty” is the expression of Crab Apple
  • When there is a need to hide the wrong or unclean aspect
  • Always with a mirror, and always concerned about physical looks
  • Self-dislike teenager’s remedy.
  • Others are teasing me for my appearance
  • I am obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness



  • Total mental and physical cleanser
  • Releases shame in sex abuse
  • Keep Crab Apple in the North East corner of the marriage hall
  • To protect one’s energy field – Crab Apple + Walnut
  • After steroid intake, to overcome the hangover, Crab Apple is a must.
  • It is recommended for doctors who work in a hospital.
  • To overcome the side effects of allopathic drugs.
  • Obsessive cleanliness – Crab Apple + White chestnut + Walnut + Pine
  • Remedy for pimples – Crab Apple + Walnut  (mix in Olive oil and massage)
  • Take the remedy thrice a day internally.
  • For all skin diseases, psoriasis for example – Crab Apple is the base remedy
  • Dust allergy – Crab Apple + Walnut + Yellow Sapphire
  • Food Allergy – Crab Apple + Walnut + Beech + Holly
  • For dryness or oily skin – Crab Apple (in bath)

The above mentioned remedies are Bach flower remedies, except for Yellow Sapphire, which is a gem remedy. They are available in Homeopathy shops across the world or in the Center.  Gem remedies are available in the centre in the form of pills.


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Does crab apple cleanse all level physical, mental & spiritual?

    I am having Dark Circles below eyes and also my hair is becoming white rapidly.
    Will Just Crab Apple is enough or u suggest something in addition.

    Is there any combination for looking young & beautiful always?

    I am also suffering from little OCD. So what to do?

    Thankig You,

  2. sema
    for ocd people, the dark circle will be there mostly.
    Take crab apple pine scleranthus walnut cherryplum whitechestnut as a combination and heal your OCD

  3. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Naran Sir,
    II saw your blogs recently and the solutions that you are giving is very useful to all .I also have some problems .

    My husband is very short tempered and gets angry frequently and sometimes due to over anger he bites me For simple things he is getting angry..
    Please tell me some remedy and mantra
    help me.

    Thanking you sir..


  4. Anabella Husenbocus

    Good Evening Mr Naran
    I have two problems my first problem is ihave two big dark pigmentation patch on my both cheek due to a cream that i use which contain mercury my cheek is like kind of burn and my second problem is my financial state is very criticali my a widow with two children..Help Mr Naran is there any switchwords or mantra to help clear that dark patch on my face and improve my financial situation…waiting patiently for your help..

  5. My servants keep running away how do I call back or attract good, honest, hard working help who will live with us and not want to keep running away?

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