Student of Life

The Bach Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud

Key words

Lack of observation, negligence, escapism, slow-learning, repeats the same mistakes, physically present but mentally absent.


  • Chestnut Bud child forgets to take the books.  Teacher always warns them, “Think before you speak.”
  • Thoughts races ahead
  • Have you ever experienced same problem happening again and again?
  • Arguments with same persons
  • Not paying enough attention during conversations and planning my next question while the other speaks. “Will you please repeat the question? I didn’t follow you.”  A typical statement from a Chestnut Bud person.
  • Were you careless at any time?
  • Not enjoying learning

Some of the statements from a Chestnut Bud person are…

  • I am becoming negligent and careless and forgetful
  • I make silly mistakes
  • I read well but have difficulty in understanding the lessons
  • I am writing wrong answers and making silly mistakes
  • Usually I forget to take a notebook or a book to school
  • I prefer to start new chapter without finishing the previous chapter
  • I don’t understand my subjects
  • I am good at all the subjects except math and science
  • I make an effort to listen but my mind gets distracted
  • I am repeating the same mistake again and again
  • It is difficult for me to concentrate
  • I am reading the book automatically and routinely.
  • I want to escape from my worries
  • I welcome Cold because I don’t have to go to work
  • I never seem to learn from my experiences
  • While talking to the doctor the patient stops for some time and continues.
  • “Please repeat what you have asked?  I am sorry. My mind was away while listening to you.”
  • He himself admits, “Yes, while talking to you I stayed away to another subject of no importance.  It normally happens.  After sometime I realize and question myself as to what I was doing.”  This is my mental state.


  • When there is a development delay, Lack of resolve, Lack of reasoning and reflecting power, Carelessness, Mental or behavioral disorders, Attention deficit disorders, Disruptive behaviour disorders, Anti-social personality disorders, Easy distraction of mind, Inability to learn from past mistakes, For moral strength of character, Loss of memory, Repeating the mistake again and again, Escaping for a personal gain, Avoiding persons, problems, and dodging
  • Physically abandoning from the place because he couldn’t manage the situation
  • For slow learners, dyslexia, and escapism
  • When you have a doubt that servant stole something.
  • When someone tells lies, give Chestnut Bud, he will tell the truth.
  • When someone disappears after borrowing money from you send Chestnut Bud through distance.
  • For any type of learning and for deeper understanding of any subject take Chestnut Bud. It is a student’s remedy.
  • Helps you to take the next correct steps after repeated failures
  • For disobedient child, making careless and silly mistakes, while learning to drive
  • He is negligent
  • Every day in the morning while starting for the school, he will come out with a physical complaint (headache, stomach ache, diarrhea…)
  • He comes out with lay excuse (lying) every time when I call him for studies
  • He comes out with different types of excuses, each time, when he fails
  • He is easily distracted when reading
  • Teacher calls him “idiot”
  • He has lack of observation. In spite of studying hard, he gets poor marks

Combination Remedies

  • CHESTNUT BUD + SCLERANTHUS – for people to work honestly and punctually
  • ELM + GORSE + ROCK WATER for recovering stolen articles.  As per the emotional states, remedy to be added. CHESTNUT BUD to be sent through distance.
  • CHESTNUT BUD + MIMULUS: The child suffers from various frequent illness – like diarrhea, fever cold, stomach aches, headache
  • CLEMATIS, CHESTNUT BUD: He has lack of attention in studies – he is careless
  • MIMULUS, CHESTNUT BUD: Is prone to minor ailments during term exams
  • MIMULUS, CHESTNUT BUD and CHICORY: cries a lot when starting for the school
  • ELM, CHESTNUT BUD: The child is made miserable by one or more school subjects
  • CERATO, CHESTNUT BUD: He gives evasive answers to questions asked by elders

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi naran thanks for the reply , i want to know if i need to chant the chestnut switchword along with clematis or do i need to buy the flower? could you please clarify this for me.
    thanks again.

  2. the insight on flower remedies, gem remedies, animal spirits and other remedies on this blog is quite unlike anything available elsewhere. what an amazing thing.

  3. I lost my solitaire earings in April. Can only recall where I last wore them.the place where I remember I keep. …its not there…I have only one help kalpana who cleans the room.
    Pls give me switchwords and also how to use them.

  4. Hello Naran Sir! I am happy to be able to connect to you through your blog again. we have been losing lot of gold these days. Very recently I lost my gold bangle. It was a gift to me from my beloved. Please help me recover it. I dont know if some maid stole it or it is misplaced. Kindly help! Please..please..please.

    Thank you
    a girl in need.

  5. Hello Naran Sir! I am happy to be able to connect to you through your blog again. we have been losing lot of gold these days. Very recently I lost my gold bangle. It was a gift to me from my beloved. Please help me recover it. I dont know if some maid stole it or it is misplaced. Kindly help! Please..please..please.(reposting as I gave worng email id the 1st time).

    Thank you
    a girl in need.

  6. Meenakshi nagendra

    May I know how to send chestnut bud. Is it a switchword or some medicine. Pl let me know. I need it

  7. Sir, main bauhat risky condition main hun ek insan ne around 10 lakhs rupees ka cheat kiya hai mere sath job ke liye maine 12 candidates diya tha aur usne un candidates ko job v nahi diya aur paisa v back nahi de raha hai guranteer main thi ab candidates mujhse demand kar rahe hai paisa ka itna amount main kaha se arrange karu main ek house wife hun aur candidates time dene ko v ready nahi hai kindly instant kuch kam karey wo switch word advice karey

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